Level II soft armor panels, like those used by the US military, are available in many different styles and prices. The Rimelig Ballistic Plates, for example, are designed and cut in the USA and are made of imported p-Aramid Fibers. These armor panels are lightweight and durable, and offer the best value for money against most handgun threats. While there are many options to choose from, the Rimelig Ballistic Plates are one of the best options for the price-conscious buyer.

Another option for a soft armor insert is a thin layer of p-Aramid Fibers. This layer is 0.45″ thick and weighs just over a pound. It offers multi-hit protection and can be easily concealed under a shirt or other clothing. The Rimelig option is one of the most budget-friendly options, weighing only 1.24 pounds. It also offers the best coverage, as it is available in two different levels (more).

The inner layers of a soft body armor fiber will dissipate the force created by the bullet, allowing it to pass through the layer of protective material. Unlike hard armor, the fibers of this material will deflect the bullet and reduce its energy transfer. Because of this, the CaliberX(tm) Soft Armor will prevent blunt trauma and back-face deformation. This armor may also conceal under clothing. There are many benefits to wearing soft body armor.