Made from high-performance and high-quality UHMWPE soft armor, a quadrelease plate carrier is extremely lightweight, incredibly durable, and extremely flexible. However do not let the fancy name fool you; real soft armor from unequaled equipment is capable of more than holding its own against a large caliber handgun and even high caliber fragmentation rounds. If you’re looking for a vest to use in a highly mobile, high-militancy environment, soft plates are an ideal solution. These plates are available in both vertical (triple A) and horizontal (triple E) configurations with an adjustable cantilever system, making them compatible with a wide variety of sling carriers including softball and backpack carriers, among many others. For maximum load bearing capacity and protection against handgun and high caliber projectiles, we recommend investing in both hard armor and soft armor plate carriers.

A favorite amongst tactical and self-defense trainers across the nation is the Nij equipment line of products. For over thirty years, Nij products have been tested extensively by law enforcement agencies and other organizations to ensure their effectiveness and reliability. Manufactured by Germany’s Nijstec Company, the Nij Ballistic Vest is one of the most popular soft armor options on the market today. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon/leather blend, the Ballistic Vest features a front pouch that protects the rear of the user while he or she carries it over their shoulder. For added protection, select models also include a cantilever plate carrier that locks into place and offers superior stability and reliability. Other accessory features include an optional belt strap, accessory pockets and an ergonomic velcro liner and adjustable V-brasion surface for optimal soft-tissue contact.

Available in both metric (mm) and English (inches) sizes, the German made Nij Soft Armor offers superior performance and maximum comfort to users. Tested to withstand the harshest of conditions, including low temperatures, the soft armor plate is proven to be more effective than its hard armor counterpart. The soft armor plate is also easier to clean and more durable than hard armor plates. The Nij Soft Armor retails for less than two-hundred U.S. dollars and is easily purchased online at many retail outlets.

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